2018 = 11/2 Universal Year | December = 5 Universal Month

December is universally a FIVE month, bringing change, breakthrough and freedom. This week provides the major shifts needed as we integrate these important realizations into our life. Unfolding our new journey and activating our spiritual blueprints brings focus to the major milestone achieved along our spiritual journey. We will exit the last month of the year and prepare for a new focus, purpose and passion for 2019.


I always like to start by doing astrology & numerology readings for my clients. I described my astrology software on the previous page.


My numerology software is by Widening Horizons, which I chose because it uses the work of Matthew Oliver Goodwin. His books are my numerological bibles that I've been studying & using since age 17.

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All readings listed below are available as beautifully bound reference reports that I print & assemble, then mail to you OR as email reports you can print yourself.

If you're not sure which reports would be best for you, please email or call me & I will help determine which readings would cover your needs and level of metaphysical understanding.

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Please include your birthdate/time/place; full name as on birth certificate & current name most commonly used, plus your phone number (& mailing address, if applicable).

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Please send the name of the report(s) you desire and quantity. I will send you an invoice detailing your order & instructions on how to pay.

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