2018 = 11/2 Universal Year | February = 4 Universal Month

The Solar Eclipse Ignites New Realizations .... This week, February 11th through February 17th, we begin with Moon in Capricorn that begins the pace for this important week. Moon highlights the sensitivity that begins to unfold intuitive information that becomes the foundation for this time. Moon in Capricorn connects with Saturn and Pluto, bringing in more information that emphasizes the themes of Saturnís requirement to take responsibility and to see the alignment of use or mis-use of power and position. Once the Moon is complete in Capricorn, Tuesday, February 13th, the transition begins to reveal the humanitarian focus of Aquarius, which becomes the spotlight for the Solar Eclipse on February 15th.

Moon connects with Mercury in Aquarius and rolls into the Solar Eclipse, bringing in information that spark great realizations. These realizations ignite and open the awareness of the essence and purpose of days to come. This week provides powerful events and circumstances that lead up to the three-day focus with the Solar Eclipse, Chinese New Year, and the Sun connection with Mercury on February 17th. This aspect reveals many important aspects of our inner essence and the reality that determines the journey of 2018 that begins to unfold.

.Additional Information: The new pace that begins on February 18th opens up the Pisces themes that will determine the shifts in our spiritual blueprints that change according to the choices made during February's events. With Moon bringing transparency to Scorpioís motives and ethics, the Sagittarius alignment with honesty and consistency of words and actions, Capricornís responsibility and accountability and Plutoís use or mis-use of personal power and influence provide the tally, which begins to become visible prompting the spiritual blueprints to shift and change.

.There are key dates that bring in shifts and changes of our blueprints that reflect revisions to journey. February 18th brings the Sun to spotlight the spiritual essence and key issues. Venus connecting to Neptune on February 21st brings focus to love, money and well-being, as revisions open the door to the values that are the result of the transparency evolving. As Mercury connects with Neptune on February 25th, a new wave of intuitive information brings a new perspective onto our shore that provides the summation of the changes that will now unfold. Sunís connection with Neptune on March 4th holds the spotlight to reveal the pathway for our new journey that is aligned and equal to the transparency of all aspects that has been revealed in February. Jupiter turns retrograde on March 9th to continue to unfold our journey that has been determined through the transparency of motives, ethics and values.

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