Maple Valley ~ City of Light Mt Rainer

I took this photo on 3.20.2010. This is a mile from my house in Maple Valley. Tahoma is the Native name for Rainier, which stands 14,411 feet (4,392 m) high.

The peak at left of Tahoma is Crystal Mountain

This is my most sacred spot, where I do GOF work.

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GOF WA in PARIS - September 2013

Diana & Frank
Frank & I on the Pont Neuf; Chantal & NaBi; Chantal, Frank, Gilbert & NaBi; Gilbert, NaBi, moi, & Chantal; Frank & Gilbert; Jardin de Bagatelle; Mont St-Michel, D&F@ MSM.

Chantal & NaBiGOF Paris 1GOF Paris 2Frank & GilbertJardin de BagatelleMont St-Michel
Frank & I went to Paris from August 29 - Sept 10, 2013. On Wednesday, September 4, we met Chantal, NaBi & Gilbert of GOF Paris at the Brasserie Notre Dame for a couple of hours of fun! Then we went to the metaphysical bookstore down the street! Since Frank & I were going to be at Mont St-Michel during the 3PM Saturday GOF on 9/7, we arranged that we would energetically connect from there with the GOF Paris group meditating in the Jardin de Bagatelle, Bois de Bologne, Paris. It was fantastic to meet them, and when we return next year, we will plan it so we can be together for a meditation & party! Thank you, Chantal for arranging this & NaBi & Gilbert for joining us! We think of you & speak of you often! Love, Diana & Frank

Diana & Frank - Mont St-Michel


LkW ilderness Lodge

Lake Wilderness Lodge ~ Click Photo






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