Mercury retrograde shifts back into Scorpio as we reach important conclusions ...This week, December 2nd through December 8th, we begin with a backdrop of Mercury retrograde moving from Sagittarius back into Scorpio. This brings in a level of transparency that is required to make important adjustments during this Mercury Retrograde phase. With Mercury back into Scorpio, taking a deeper look at situations allows the transparency of issues to bring us to important conclusions. Revising our goals with this information becomes the key focus of this week.

On Sunday, Venus also moves into Scorpio, which brings us a deeper perspective to the areas that are being adjusted as Venus rules love, money and well-being. Venus first rolled through the first 10 degrees of Scorpio in September before turning retrograde to revise many situations. Now that Venus is back in Scorpio we are reviewing these very same issues only coming to very matter-of-fact conclusions. On Monday, Moon joins with Venus providing a beautiful pre-dawn connection, and as Mercury is in close proximity, realizations of the current situations and status provides a stark reality as well.

Mid-week Moon connects with Mercury, highlighting the deeper information that is coming into clarity, providing an obvious perspective. This information continues to expand as we move into Thursday. Preparing for Mercury to turn direct in the afternoon, we spend Thursday morning looking deeply at ourselves and at situations in a very honest way. Coming to important conclusions reaches a critical point as Mercury pauses at 27 Scorpio, allowing us to see ourselves and situations clearly and with the depth needed to make important decisions.

Late Thursday, early Friday morning, we reach the New Moon, as our new beginnings are revealed highlighted at 15 Sagittarius. This New Moon unlocks the directions that are pulling our life forward with the important conclusions and realizations we have reached. As the New Moon points to our revised journey, Mars connecting with Neptune activates our Spiritual Blueprints. This new spiritual perspective is a critical piece in the sequence of aspects this week.

by Karyl Jackson - Alpha Life Trends


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