This week, April 29th through May 5th, we begin with the Full Moon Sunday evening, emphasizing the inner and outer values of Taurus and Scorpio. This Full Moon becomes the archway as we cross into the Taurus/Scorpio elements, which sets the pace and opens up a new era. Between the Full Moon of today and the New Moon on May 15th, the landscape begins to shift and change. The Full Moon emphasizes Sun at 8 Taurus and Moon at 8 Scorpio, which brings in the transparency of our inner and outer values. Our true values become the theme and focus as we make the trek into a new era.

Uranus stays in one sign for approximately seven years, peeling back the layers to reveal the true essence. As Uranus moves out of Aries and into Taurus on May 15th, a new focus and landscape is revealed. The New Moon on May 15th, signals this dynamic shift, bringing the focus to outer values and expression of love, money and well-being. Uranus blows in changes that aligns the outer values stemming from the Aries true inner self. This new era shifts our focus to the value of Taurus. As the Uranus winds blow in changing situations, layers are peeled back to gain transparency of our values. An alignment occurs to a more global value system, from the transparency of the currency flow to bring balance to a level playing field. The four basic levels of awareness make up the field of activity. The physical value of money and finance, the mental value of contentment, the emotional value of love, and the spiritual value of well-being, all have the focus within the Taurus essence. With these elements the transparency of their values are easy to see and understand. It is when the convoluted motives from displaced intentions come into play that the basic elements are out of tune.

Taurus rules outer values as they are manifested from our inner values, ruled by Scorpio. The Taurus energy is very earthy and represents the crops that grow from the earthy elements of a fertile soil, nourishing us and providing for our well-being. With transparency continuing to be a major theme during this new nine-year cycle, from 2017 to 2025, the outer values become the focus of changes according to the true inner self. Even though Uranus is moving out of Aries, the true inner self will continue to have visibility as the transparency themes will only strengthen. During the time Uranus is in Taurus, May 2018 to November 2025, the outer values will shift as transparency of true values becomes visible as well. The transparency of use or mis-use of money will become a major factor during this era. New systems of financial dealings will also have a major theme of transparency, to reflect the true values associated with each person, organization, business and government. Greater awareness of motives, ethics and values become visible through peeling back of the layers associated with the Taurus focus, revealing the alignment of inner and outer values. With Uranus in Taurus for the majority of this nine-year cycle, major issues surrounding money, values and financial dealings will become transparent. The motives, ethics and values associated with our actions and intentions become visible. Uranus blows in many changes as visibility gives clarity our true values.

This week prepares us for the trek and journey into the new era as situations unfold our pathway forward. The landscape is shifting, situations will evolve and circumstances fade from the old theme, revealing the new theme that aligns our inner and outer values.

by Karyl Jackson - Alpha Life Trends


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