KNOW THYSELF is the sage advice written over the Oracle of Delphi as our first order of business. Here's a great way to continue that profound process for you & yours in 2019!


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The Alchemist

The Alchemist - 16th Century Woodcut

I am a life-long metaphysician; I just came that way! Even before I got my first tarot deck at age seven, I had taught myself basic astrology. It came naturally since I was already steeped in the symbolism of mythology having been given books on it from the start because of my name. I have been studying & collecting divination systems ever since. With over 30 years experience giving readings, I offer a wide range of services.


I believe the taking of periodic readings of one's state of consciousness is of great holistic benefit for the purpose of not only understanding the particular lessons at hand, but also for knowing when the wind is at your back in certain areas, while perhaps not in others, so you may act to receive optimal results from your intentions & avoid wasting time & energy going against the Flow of Your Highest Self.


Please explore all the choices available here for readings tailored to your needs. Be informed about your path as you trail-blaze it consciously in the midst of all the present changes. I intend to make this site a resource for all things metaphysical and will be adding new content often. In these momentous times, there are few greater gifts you can give yourself and your loved ones than the unique-to-you practical and spiritual roadmaps provided by these ancient systems of wisdom & knowledge of Universal Law.


Namaste, Diana




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